Female Architect Has Brilliant Idea

Johanna Mane is one of the many female architects who exists. She is part of a long list of people who are also architects and are also female and have also existed for some time.

Mane was recently at a shopping centre when she had to queue for a long time in order to use the restroom. As she waited impatiently in line she noticed men breezing rapidly past her to the male restroom which had no queue. “Someone should do something about this,” she thought.

She promptly designed a public restroom area that had an equal number of cubicles for men and women.

Her first idea had been to cut the number of cubicles in the male restroom in order to make space for additional cubicles in the female restroom, thus solving this problem for the rest of time. However, she soon had a reason to dismiss this idea completely. “I think it would be best if I design this building the same way every other building is designed,” she said. “That is, with nowhere enough cubicles for the amount of women that will predictably use them every day.”

John Man, a male architect also working on the project, enthusiastically agreed. “If the restrooms stay as normal then I will have the space to build this enormous glass ceiling I want just over here,” he said, pointing.

The shopping centre has organised an expensive ad campaign to promote this status quo, consisting largely of quotes taken from people on the street. “We had a team of writers, but they had run out of words,” said a man. “They just clean ran out of them. So we asked some random people on the street to say some words for us. We were able to get many solid, functional words this way.”

Mane was disappointed not to have been asked for her own words on the matter. “I know they went to The Street to get words, but all the unmarried women with careers like me live on a different street. It is hard to find, but it is there.”

John Man was unaware of any way this story could have been different. “It’s just the way it’s always been. That suits me.”


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